Tamper Cafe – Medford, MA

Tamper is a Tufts University hangout located right next to campus. This coffee shop has a full food menu and also serves beer and wine. While I am sure once it is later in the day it gets a bit louder, this cafe was really quiet when I went with my friend on a summer afternoon. While we were talking and trying to catch up, I came to the realization that everyone there was intensely studying and we were the only ones speaking. It did feel kind of awkward. Besides that, the shop was pretty cool. It was a large industrial-looking open space with he bar facing the front of the shop and large long tables in the middle with smaller ones along the walls.

I decided to order a flat white and it was much stronger than usual. It tasted more like a macchiato to me, which is not necessarily a big problem, but the espresso wasn’t very tasty and was kind of bitter. I’m not sure if it was that the shot wasn’t pulled well or if it was the coffee they used (OSLO Coffee from Brooklyn, NY). Either way, I had the feeling this was the type of place to go to for the space, not necessarily the coffee.

If in the Boston area, I would say Tamper is pretty mediocre and to definitely prioritize other coffee shops over this one. That said, if you’re in Boston for a longer period of time it would be a cool place for brunch and maybe an iced coffee drink.


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