Seventh Flag Coffee -Austin, TX

On a sunny day in Austin, which happens pretty often, there are a variety of coffee shops where one can enjoy quality espresso drink outside with some friends, but Seventh Flag is the only option that makes you feel like you are a part of a social gathering. While there are inevitably students doing work on their laptops or customers there to read on their own, Seventh Flag’s layout almost makes it feel like even when you are by yourself, you are there with everyone else too. Probably the aspect that creates this community is that Seventh Flag is located quite literally in a house, fireplace and all, with a huge yard. Indoors there are a variety of places to sit, including long community seating, tables for two, and couches. Outdoors, there are picnic tables surrounding the house Even on the busiest of days (usually the weekends), there has never been a lack of seating. Really, the aesthetics are incredibly charming and comforting, making it a place you can carry on a long conversation with family/friends or can relax on your own.

Besides providing a great vibe, the coffees offered for sale and on espresso or filter, are always quality. Some roasters they offer include City of Saints, Huckleberry, and Cuvee. The baristas are always friendly and take time with their orders, no matter how busy the shop seems. One thing to take into consideration, is that they do not brew any pour overs, but have FETCO brewed coffee.

Typically, I order a Gibraltar, which is pretty similar to a cortado at this shop, with a very dominant espresso that has a slightly tangy cherry flavor. Their milk is also incredibly smooth and complements the espresso well, so their cappuccinos and lattes are also very tasty. In terms of food, of course you can order Taco Deli breakfast tacos in the morning or a few selected baked goods. It is not the best café to go to for food though; I would keep it strictly about the coffee while there.

Even with all of the options in Austin for coffee shops, Seventh Flag is one that I keep coming back to. This shop has really succeeded in its mission to create a “Country of Friends”, with its beautiful space to spend time and enjoy specialty coffee.


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