Intelligentsia Coffee – Watertown, MA

If anything were to provide me faith in the future of Boston’s coffee scene, it is the arrival of Intelligentsia in Watertown (right outside of Cambridge). Beginning with their little red truck, Intelligentsia gave Bostonians a taste of their coffee starting last winter, serving up espresso drinks, cold brew, and drip coffee in the shop’s parking lot during its construction. Needless to say, coffee lovers in the area lined up for their caffeine fix from the tiny truck window until opening day this past July. Now every weekend, Intelligentsia’s Watertown Coffee Bar has lines of coffee aficionados (and those looking to learn more!) out the door.

From outside, Intelligentsia’s colorful brick building with signs that read “coffee” and “air conditioned” are reminiscent of an old timey café from the 50s, yet upon entering the shop, the vibe is modern and sleek. The white coffee bar and rustic grey walls allow for the coffee to be “illuminated” and for the bright green Strada espresso machine to serve as the majestic centerpiece for the entire café.

As expected, the baristas craft delicious drinks (pour overs and espresso beverages) and also serve cold brew and iced tea on tap. My go-to is the cappuccino, which is extremely smooth and highlights the nuanced flavors in their espresso. On the menu, a few original drinks are available such as the refreshing limelight, which takes Intelligentsia’s delicious cold brew and mixes it with simple syrup, lime juice, and tonic. The most notable original menu item is the angeleno, an iced latte consisting of four shots of  espresso shaken with ice, milk, and agave nectar, resulting in a slightly sweet treat, perfect for a hot summer day.

Intelligentsia, an essential specialty roaster for coffee drinkers to experience, is providing residents in the Greater Boston Area exposure to quality coffee and community.



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