Cuvée Coffee – Austin, TX

To bring SXSW to an end, this last Austin coffee post for a while ends with the crucial Cuveé Coffee located on the East side of the city. Cuveé is most well-known nationally for their Black and Blue Cold Brew which is typically canned or on tap. Within the coffee community, their shop is known to be a proponent of face-to-face interaction, not offering Wifi so customers can enjoy each other’s company while enjoying coffee, rather than sitting behind a screen.

The first time I walked into this shop, I was intrigued by the blue art along the walls and dim lighting. Surprisingly, the darkness in this shop still evokes a happy mood. The bar serves as the centerpiece of the shop, located smack dab in the center of the space displaying it’s Modbar brewing equipment and of course their cold brew on tap. I most enjoy their smaller espresso drinks (the 4 oz or 8 oz espresso with milk) since I find their espresso to be slightly fruity and sweet, yet nutty, which is my favorite flavor to find in an espresso drink. Cuvee also offers seasonal coffee drinks which I always find delicious. Last summer I tried the brewchata, a mix of horchata and their cold brew topped with just the right amount of cinnamon which made the beverage sweet, but not sugary. I quickly fell in love with this drink and found it perfectly refreshing on those hot summer days in Austin.

Cuveé’s space is pretty large with a bar for sitting outside of the shop as well as tables along the walls of the shop. I have never found it difficult to find seating. They are also a big proponent of creating a coffee and beer community in Austin. They most recently hosted Coffee Champs a few months ago and often host events with other coffee shops or breweries in the city with delicious food trucks and games. While Cuveé’s coffee can be found at many grocery stores and cafés in Austin, surprisingly many people I speak to have not made it to this shop. I highly encourage people to check out this unique space even if you have tried Cuveé coffee before!




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