Crema – Nashville, TN

Crema is one of those cafes that makes you feel at home. While it’s one of my favorite places to go catch up with friends, especially on a sunny day outside on their deck, it also is a place that provides the perfect atmosphere for reflecting on your own. Even though there is a lot of seating, both inside and outside, weekends and mid-mornings are almost impossible to find a seat, so the best time to go tends to be in the early evening.

Usually, it is easy for me to decide if I am in the mood for filter coffee or an espresso drink, but Crema does both options so well it is so hard to decide. While the coffee here is on the pricier side, it is worth the cost. Some of the best pour overs I have had were at this coffee shop. The options on the menu are seasonal so the origins tend to vary. In terms of espresso drinks, the slightly sweet, but not too indulgent, Cuban drink is the most popular, but Crema’s perfectly balanced espressos are hard to go wrong with. One of the more exotic drinks on the menu is the Frida, an espresso and milk beverage infused with spices giving it a slightly spicy aftertaste.

At Crema, the baked goods are from Nashville’s Dozen Bakery, which makes some of the greatest scones and muffins. Crema is also known for their savory foods like quiche and avocado toast. I am personally a fan of their mini biscotti with my coffee.

Crema also offers coffee classes like taste and evaluation of coffee, latte art, or espresso basics! This coffee shop clearly cares about the coffee community and growing the friendly coffee community.



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