Coffee Cafe Roasters – Greenwich, CT

Coffee Cafe Roasters (known as CFCF for short) was the most crowded business in central Greenwich at 10 AM on a Monday morning. Most people were gathering with friends and although some people were doing work, it seemed very noisy to be able to get anything done. While researching places to go for coffee in Greenwich, it seemed this cafe was the only place to go. Unfortunately there seemed to be a shortage of third wave coffee in this town.

While I commend Coffee Cafe Roasters for making customers aware of where their coffee was coming from, i wouldn’t necessarily say this shop was “third wave”. I guess it would be between second and third wave in all honesty. The reason I consider it so, is that the syrups used were artificial and the menu was very generic. On the other hand, they do roast their own coffee and use a La Marzocco espresso machine. Overall this shop was trying to create a European feel to their cafe with an emphasis on espresso drinks, coffee art on the walls, and croissants being the main baked good they sold.

After looking at the menu a while, I was skeptical of how good the coffee would be at this shop so I decided to order a latte in case I didn’t like the espresso. Unfortunately my premonition was accurate. The espresso barely had any flavor and the latte had too much milk. Also, it was disappointing that customers could only get paper cups and not mugs to stay. While I had hoped for better in an area that did not have many coffee places around, CFCF did not impress.




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