Sweet Donkey – Richmond, VA

Sweet Donkey is one of the cutest coffee shops I have ever been to. The cafe was located in a house with a yard that provided outdoor seating and games. Inside classy jazz music played and there were multiple rooms to sit in, each with a homey and quiet vibe. There was also additional seating upstairs where there were four more rooms, some of which customers can reserve for meetings. Along the walls there were pictures and paintings of donkeys, even in the bathroom! All of the seating was extremely comfortable and varied from dining chairs to couches to armchairs. If I lived in the area, I know I would never be concerned about finding a spot to sit at this coffee shop. In addition, Sweet Donkey hosts community events with live music and food trucks. This spot is definitely more than a coffee shop, it is a Richmond hang out where people can come together and be social or come to get work done.

In terms of the coffee, Sweet Donkey exclusively serves Counter Culture (so obviously I was a fan). I decided to order a small latte, with which the barista used Counter Culture’s Hologram coffee as the espresso. The latte was pretty good and had a nutty flavor to it. I wouldn’t say it was the best latte I have had, but I did really enjoy it. Sweet Donkey also served quiche, baked goods, and craft beer. I wouldn’t necessarily come for the food, but would definitely come back for the calm atmosphere and coffee.


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