Mylo Coffee Co. – Little Rock, AK

While on a road trip I stumbled upon a pleasant surprise in Little Rock, a large coffee shop in a small city center. When I walked into Mylo Coffee Co., I was immediately enchanted by the people typing away on their laptops or relaxing with friends. There was something about this spot that made me feel at ease. The baristas were very friendly and I could tell this was the kind of shop where people spend all day.

I wanted an excuse to stay in this coffee shop for a while so I decided to order a latte. The latte was just the right temperature, not hot but not cool either. The espresso did not have a prevalent flavor but was still tasty and the milk added great flavor to the drink. Mylo roasts their own coffee, so I wish I had ordered a stronger espresso drink or a pour over to get more of an idea of what the flavors were like. I guess it just means I will have to go back! I did notice all of their coffees had beans from Central America, mainly from Guatemala and Costa Rica.

In addition Mylo also sells bottled cold brew, local artisan chocolate, ice cream, and sandwiches, really making this rustic spot a place even non-coffee-lovers can enjoy (we all have that friend). The one aspect of this coffee shop that is not ideal is that despite the large amount of seating in the shop, there were not many open chairs and with people spending long amounts of time there it may get difficult to find a spot. That said, the people contribute to Mylo’s peaceful vibe, so having the shop at capacity also has a plus side!


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