George Howell Coffee – Boston, MA

The George Howell Coffee location, connected to The Godfrey Hotel in Boston, is a classy spot to meet up with friends or sip on a cup of coffee before exploring the city.  When I walked into this coffee shop I immediately felt like I was in an art studio. The space was large with  art hanging on all of the walls and jazz music in the background. This vibe just made me feel extremely comfortable and inspired.

Along with the great vibe, George Howell has amazing coffee. It’s not very surprising since George Howell himself established the Cup of Excellence program promoting high quality coffee. I decided to order the Mamuto AA coffee from Kenya as a pour over and a cortado.

The Kenyan coffee was extremely fruity. I almost felt like I was drinking juice because of its sweet tropical fruity flavor. This coffee was a little too sweet for me, but I recommend it to those who love juiciness in their cup of coffee. On the other hand I loved the cortado. The espresso was also pretty sweet, but not to an extreme. The sweetness of the espresso actually complemented the milk very well.

I am definitely looking forward to returning to this coffee shop to try more of their filter coffees or a latte and to read a book. Hopefully coffee lovers in the Boston area have the opportunity to check this place out!


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  1. izzyonice says:

    The front picture is so beautiful!


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