Kaffeine – London, UK

In my search for the best flat white in London, Kaffeine’s was definitely one of the best (if not the best). This spacious coffee spot serves Square Mile Coffee, roasted in East London. I really enjoyed this cafe because it had a really relaxed vibe and enough seating (indoors and outdoors) for people who wanted to stay, although many would come and go because they worked in the area. For lunch Kaffeine also serves delicious sandwiches and soups which was a plus. Along with selling Square Mile coffee, coffee books and equipment were available for purchase. Here I was able to buy the London Coffee Guide which provided information on all of the specialty coffee shops in the city.

When I first tried the flat white, I was amazed at how delicious the espresso was. It had a full, rich flavor that was perfectly balanced and slightly fruity. In addition, the milk was nice and smooth, making for the perfect espresso drink.

The best part about this coffee shop was that one could completely geek out about coffee in an unpretentious way and baristas were very willing to help you out if you had any questions.


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