The Coffee Bar – Washington DC

The Coffee Bar is the type of place one could spend all day reading, people watching, and drinking coffee.  The fact that it is located in the center of a residential neighborhood makes it quite homey as well. As I approached the shop on a Sunday morning, I was already impressed with the amount of people sitting outside. Then I walked inside and was in awe when I noticed how crowded the café was. Despite the fact that The Coffee Bar was a very large place, there was still not enough seating for every customer wanting to stay. This coffee shop has couches; long high tables; and colorful outdoor seating outside, yet many people had to take their coffee to go. People were mostly gathering with friends or having a family outing, but some were doing work as well.  One pro to having so many customers come into the shop is that the baristas know how to provide quick service without compromising quality. I figured the key to getting a spot to relax at this café was to get there earlier in the morning or later in the day.

This coffee shop sells Verve, Onyx, and Be Spoken beans, but only does pour overs after 11 AM. I decided to order a small latte, which I really enjoyed. The slight espresso flavor was nutty and pleasant, but what made this latte really delicious was the suave texture of the milk.  If I had spent more time in DC, I would have definitely gone back to this spot to read a book with an espresso drink.



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