Maketto – Washington DC

In short, Maketto is a place with a lot going on. This lively restaurant and coffee bar also sells clothes and high end sneakers, making it a one of a kind coffee experience.  When I first walked in, I was very confused as to why all I could see were clothes and sneakers. Then walking upstairs there was a Cambodian restaurant with a balcony and additional seating outside in a courtyard.  It was really quite impressive.

Since this restaurant/store is open as late as any restaurant in DC typically is, it means coffee lovers can grab a cup later at night than they would be able to at any typical coffee shop.  Maketto roasts their own coffee (except for espresso they use another local roaster, Vigilante Coffee) so I decided to try a pour over. I ordered their Colombian San Sebastian coffee, which tasted slightly watered down. That said, I feel the subtle flavor was due to too much water used in the pour over because complexity and fruitiness in the flavor was present, yet weakened.

Maketto also serves unique coffee drinks such as the Cambodian; which was slightly sweetened espresso with milk and egg whites. The flavor was pretty subtle, yet satisfying. The Beckham was a mix of earl grey tea and hot chocolate, which maybe doesn’t sound so great, but was very tasty. This drink was a hot chocolate that was not too chocolatey and had the soothing flavors of a tea.

If you are a people person, I highly recommend trying this place out. There is always a lot going on and some great people watching to do as you sip on your espresso!


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