Baked and Wired – Washington DC

Baked and Wired is not only a sweet tooth’s wonderland, it is also a coffee lover’s paradise. Located in Georgetown, this bakery has a room dedicated to just coffee orders. While the coffee portion of the bakery is small, the quality of the coffee is not compromised. They serve coffee from three different (and amazing) roasters: Ruby Roasters, Mountain Air, and Barismo. In addition, they sell coffee beans from more great roasters.

I decided to order a cortado, what they call a ‘tallot’, using Barismo’s Clockwork Espresso. At first, I was skeptical of Baked in Wired’s  coffee because they were known for their baked goods. That said, I was pleasantly surprised when I took the first sip of my tallot. The espresso was slightly sweet and perfectly complemented by the milk. I consider this to be one of the best cortados I have ever had (the other cortado in the running is from Gracenote).

While Baked and Wired was a big space, there was not a large amount of seating. There was one long table in the back, a few couches in the middle, and a bar along the wall across from the baked goods. I would consider Baked and Wired more of a place to grab your drink and go, but if you do manage to grab a seat, the soft music and cool art on the walls make it a nice place to stay.

P.S. The zucchini bread was out of this world.


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