Baked and Wired – Washington DC

Baked and Wired is not only a sweet tooth’s wonderland, it is also a coffee lover’s paradise. Located in Georgetown, this bakery has a room dedicated to just coffee orders. While the coffee portion of the bakery is small, the quality of the coffee is not compromised. They serve coffee from three different (and amazing) roasters:…

Coffee of the Month

Barismo’s El Meridiano has a more subtle taste, but is best brought out with a Hario V60 pour over. This Colombian coffee is chocolatey with a fruity undertone, a truly unique flavor I have not tasted in any other type of coffee.  

Simon’s Coffee Shop- Cambridge, MA

Simon’s Coffee Shop is a tiny gem located right before Porter Square.  Simon’s is a simple place with only a little seating, but the coffee is amazing.  Serving Barismo coffee, the coffee is full and balanced leaving you wanting more.  The lattes are delicious, with just the right amount of foam and a creamy texture….

Barismo- Arlington, MA

Many people who think they know a lot about coffee stand corrected once they come to Barismo. This tiny shop is also a roasting location for Barismo Coffee, which sells their products to other coffee shops in Massachusetts. There is very little seating and the wait for coffee can be long, but it is worth…