Garage Coffee Company – Nashville, TN

Garage Coffee Company was one of those coffee shops I had been meaning to get to for a while, but never planned to go until it happened spontaneously. I didn’t necessarily have high expectations for this spot, but I had heard a lot about it and figured it was worth trying when a few of my friends were going there to study. We quickly came to realize, the atmosphere at this cafe is not conducive to doing homework. The dark lighting, loud music, and streaming movies on the wall were all quite distracting.

Despite the fact that it was difficult to do work here, I did admire that this coffee shop was very detailed and made every aspect of the tiny shop a match the motorcyclist theme. I was also surprised to see that they roasted their own coffee. I was a bit skeptical so I decided to go with a latte for my order instead of black coffee.  Their most popular drinks were sweetened lattes and their Slingshot, a flavored macchiato (or latte) with bourbon sea salt and caramel. I felt the regular latte I had ordered was pretty mediocre. It didn’t have much flavor and the milk wasn’t very smooth either. My friend really enjoyed her Slingshot latte, but it was a little too sweet for me. I think the blandness of their lattes is the reason why the flavored options are more popular.



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