Wright Bros. Brew and Brew- Austin, TX

I’ll be honest, when I first stepped into  Wright Brothers Brew and Brew coffee shop, I was slightly intimidated.  The dark lighting and grungy atmosphere were not necessarily welcoming. That said, the bearded baristas were friendly and happy dudes.  This coffee shop was pretty conducive to getting work done, playing soft indie music, and most people there were in fact by themselves reading or on their laptops. It seemed that the location was an old garage because it was a pretty large, open indoor space.

What I enjoyed most about this shop was the immense amount of options available. They had cold brew on tap, a variety of espresso drinks, drip coffee, and four different coffees (each from a different roaster) available on AeroPress.  I decided to order Commonwealth’s Ehtiopian coffee brewed with the AeroPress.  I really enjoyed this coffee’s bold flavor. It wasn’t very sweet, but this could be attributed to the way the coffee was brewed.  I also decided to order the black bean empanada there. While this was not a great combination with my coffee, I really enjoyed my lunch.

Looking around I noticed that they also served beer. That’s when it hit me that the name “Brew and Brew” made sense (two types of brews). I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that.

All in all, I do recommend Brew and Brew. I think if I were to go back it would be to get coffee to go. It’s not necessarily the type of place that’s exciting to hang out at, but the coffee is pretty tasty.


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