Houndstooth Coffee – Austin, TX

Houndstooth Coffee was one of the most welcoming coffee shops I have been to in a while. The second I walked into the door, smiling baristas welcomed me to the shop.  The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful personalized La Marzocco espresos machine with “Houndstooth” engraved on the front.  In addition, the space was pretty large with significant indoor and outdoor seating.

To my surprise, Houndstooth offered coffee from three different roasters: Counter Culture, PT’s, and Tweed Coffee Roasters (based in Dallas).  I decided to order a cortado with a Tweed Ethiopian coffee as the espresso. This espresso made the drink very sweet and overall the cortado was very smooth. I enjoyed every sip and tried to savor it as long as I could.  Looking around, I noticed that for coffee they use Not Neutral mugs specifically designed for Houndstooth. These mugs, along with their cool to go cups, were very elegant and contributed to the slightly sophisticated decor in the shop. I had been wanting to hit up this coffee shop for a while and glad I was able to in my short time in Austin. I highly recommend checking out one of the two Houndstooth locations in Austin if you are in the area.


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