Coffee of the Month

I am crazy about naturally processed coffees, so I obviously loved Counter Culture’s The Natural. I first tried this coffee at the Counter Culture Training Center in Boston and got hooked.  Unfortunately, this was a limited release coffee so it will not be on shelves any time soon, but this post is my encouragement to you to try as many naturally processed coffees as you can, especially if you are one to like those sweeter, juicier flavors in your cup of coffee.

I had the opportunity to try this coffee as an espresso, a pour over, and in a cappuccino at the tasting in Boston. In addition I brewed this coffee on the Chemex and AeroPress at home, which made me realize that this coffee tastes amazing using any brewing method. It has such a rare flavor that can be brought out in all of these brewing methods. Usually I wouldn’t be one to brew a sweeter coffee in an AeroPress, but I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor when I did.  It was a little bit bolder than the pour over, but it did not any lose of the flavor complexities. Overall, I enjoyed The Natural best as a pour over and then as an espresso. Be sure to look out for the versatility of other naturally processed coffees!


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