Coffee of the Month

After learning that Brazil struggles to continue producing specialty coffee due to the lower altitudes of coffee farms in the country, I decided to try one of La Colombe’s newer coffees from Brazil. This coffee is from La Colombe’s Workshop collection and is called “Matilde Mahogany”. I tried brewing this coffee on a Beehouse dripper and a Chemex. Both methods produced what tasted like a good quality coffee, but the flavor was pretty oily which detracted from any floral or complex flavor that existed. That said, as the warmer weather began to approach, I decided to use this coffee to make Japanese iced coffee with my Chemex (find my favorite recipe here). To my surprise, the iced coffee was actually more flavorful and refreshing. While I highly recommend using this coffee for iced coffee or cold brew, I encourage people to also play around with different brewing methods and ratios for this coffee to achieve the best flavor when it’s hot.


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