Timberyard- London, UK

Walking into the Seven Dials location of Timberyard, the coffee shop felt small and crowded, yet when I looked around the place was actually large and size, but was just filled with people.  In addition, there was space downstairs dedicated for work meetings or studying.

The first thing that caught my eye at Timberyard was the colorful array of baked goods, placed neatly in front of the cash register. In addition to baked goods, Timberyard serves other warm dishes, espresso drinks, filter coffee, and pour overs. Since this coffee shop was one of the few that offered a pour over option, I decided to take a break drinking flat whites and to order the a two-person Chemex-brewed coffee (all for myself of course). Timberyard uses Drop Coffee, a Swedish roaster popular in Europe. From the Kenyan and Bolivian single origin coffees offered, I chose the Kenyan.

The presentation of everything in the cafe matched perfectly, with glass bottles filled with water at each tables and the use of different sized wooden tablets as plates and trays. Although the pour over did take a while, it was completely worth it. After craving black coffee for a few days, this drink was exactly what I needed. Taking the first sip, I could taste the slightly fruity taste notes and pleasant aftertaste. I decided to continue sipping slowly to savor the rest of the coffee.

Timberyard was definitely one of my favorite coffee shops in London. The busy atmosphere made it a fun and lively place to hang out and not only is the coffee great, but the food was delicious too. Even my friend, who does not drink coffee, loved Timberyard and would go back again, given the opportunity.




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