Ogawa Coffee – Boston, MA

This Japanese inspired coffee house is located right in the Financial District of Boston brings a different kind of coffee shop to the city. Ogawa provides many options in terms of coffee drinks, but is on the more expensive side. You can order coffee brewed with a Kalita Wave, an AeroPress, or with a drip machine. Their selection is pretty great, with four single origin coffees from countries in Central or South America and a few different blends like the Kyoto which contains coffee from Brazil and Guatemala. In addition, they serve many espresso drinks.

I ordered the Kyoto, which was originally developed for a coffee shop in Japan, as a pour over. After tasting my drink I was a bit disappointed because it lacked complex flavors and had a slightly burnt taste. I wonder if it would have been better to order a single origin coffee instead. On the other hand, I also tried the latte which was delicious! It had a strong espresso flavor and was very suave. Ogawa also serves tasty baked goods from South End Buttery, which is a plus.

In terms of atmosphere, there were many professionals on coffee breaks and the seating varied from being able to sit at normal tables with chairs or on steps facing the bar. The baristas dress professionally to add some elegance, but strange enough the music they were playing was Brazilian MPB. I love Brazilian music, but it seemed strange to hear in a Japanese-style coffee shop.

Despite the fact that I was disappointed I could not get siphon-brewed coffee at Ogawa, I still really enjoyed this experience and recommend it to anyone in the Boston area.


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