Dose Coffee and Tea – Nashville, TN

Dose holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite coffee shops. Not only does this spot have a homey feel, but it also has tasty pour overs and great espresso drinks. Starting off, Dose provides a great deal of seating that is open making you feel like you are enjoying your cup in a little coffee community. Interesting enough, one of the main factors that differentiates Dose is that it provides great lighting and a bright space. Rather than forcing a “rustic” feel to the shop, there are flowers at each table and photos of coffee farms along the walls, creating a comforting atmosphere.

In terms of drinks, I am not the only person who thinks Dose has the best flat white in the region. The first flat white I had at Dose is now a vivid memory in my mind, I can recall my eyes widening as I took the first sip of the perfectly  bold, yet slightly sweet drink. Dose also always has Counter Culture Coffee at the bar and for sale as well as a rotating roaster for pour overs. Most recently they have had Heart,Ritual, and Archive Coffee Roasters. Pour overs at Dose are also wonderful, making it hard to decide what to order every time.

Dose is also known for their sandwiches and baked goods, especially their shortbread, making it a great place to go at any time of the day with friends, or by yourself to study. Like I mentioned before, Dose is concerned with creating a coffee community here in Nashville, more than just a cool hangout.



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