Three Brothers Coffee – Nashville, TN

For the outdoorsy and/or studious types, Three Brothers is the ideal coffee shop. Located right on West End in Nashville, this cafe is connected to Cumberland Transit, an outdoor apparel and equipment store. The shop is large and open with a woodsy, calm feel to it. The music selection is great, playing either indie or classic rock creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxing with friends. Three Brothers is also a popular study spot for Vanderbilt undergraduates and medical students, so don’t be surprised if you see people walking around in scrubs.

Primarily serving Nashville’s Bongo Java, Three Brothers also rotates roasters to serve on AeroPress. They have had featured roasters from Onyx to Tandem to Populace Coffee. The rotating roasters are a great opportunity to try coffees from different parts of the country in one shop. I have definitely had a fair share of cups I did not enjoy, but have also discovered new coffees I love! For those who really enjoy experimenting with coffee I highly recommend exploring this option. As for espresso drinks, this shop has a really great latte that is creamy and not too bold and a great cortado that uses an espresso with flavorful and thick crema.

A new addition to this shop includes an alley with a painted mural great for taking pictures with friends and coffee!




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