Event – Counter Culture Training Center

The Counter Culture Training Center located in Somerville, MA provides support to coffee lovers, baristas, and coffee shop owners. Along with professional development classes, this center offers public cupping every Friday at 10 AM. The week I visited happened to be an exception. Instead of the usual cupping, the event consisted of trying the limited edition blend, The Natural, as a drip coffee, espresso, and cappuccino. The representatives were friendly and engaging answering all of our questions and enriching our coffee education.

After trying The Natural, a naturally processed coffee (rather than washed), I found its flavors to be complex having the chocolatey and nutty taste notes I love with a slight floral aftertaste. I enjoyed it best as a drip coffee, but really liked the cappuccino as well. The espresso was delicious, but I prefer Counter Culture’s Big Trouble as an espresso.

After interacting with Counter Culture representatives, I came to understand how much the company values their partnerships and works to enhance the love of coffee. If you are in the Boston area I definitely recommend checking this place out. People with all levels of coffee education are welcome!

counter culture training center


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