Coffee Time – Lima, Peru

One of my favorite coffee experiences took place at a tiny, hole in the wall (quite literally) coffee shop in the neighborhood of Miraflores in Peru. This shop was on the side of the road and holds 9 people. It was small and simple with coffee decorations from around the world. The owner operates the shop and works as a barista every day. He had one espresso machine and took his time making my latte. After speaking with him I could tell he takes pride in his business and feels that coffee is a form of art. The owner also explained that he has so many customers that it is hard for him to keep up, which is why he does not open until 9 AM, after people are at work already. He also sells out of his beans very quickly. While I was sipping on my latte, a woman asked to buy some coffee beans and he explained that he had sold out already for the week. Apparently he sells out every week! It was great seeing first-hand the successes of such a tiny and simple spot in a large city.

I also really enjoyed my latte. The espresso had a different flavor; it wasn’t necessarily bold but its taste was still present. The best part of this latte was the aftertaste which was creamy and smooth. Sitting there I felt at ease, knowing my drink was made out of true passion.


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  1. As a coffee lover and blogger who will visit Peru this year, I loved your post. Any tips on coffee experiences in Cusco? Also, are there any cafes in Lima where they do coffee tasting sessions?

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    1. Hi! Be sure to check out some of my other posts about Lima too (definitely be sure to go to Arabica Espresso Bar). Cusco is difficult because there are many restaurants catered to providing the cheapest options, so unfortunately there are places serving really bad coffee. That being said, I know of one good place: Triskel Cafe y Galeria de Arte. I have also heard that in Cusco Jack’s Cafe Bar is good too, but I’ve never been there. I know Tostaduria Bisetti in Barranco has lessons on different brewing methods so I would check to see if they have some cupping going on as well. I hope that was helpful!


      1. Thanks. I’ll make a note of your recommendations. Have you ever stayed or volunteered on a finca in Peru. If so, would you recommend it?


      2. Sorry I have not. Unfortunately I was there for a limited period of time.


  2. The photos make me want to visit!

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