Gracenote Coffee Roasters – Boston, MA

This tiny coffee bar nestled right in the financial district of Boston is a nice escape from the busy city. They roast their beans in Allston and have them delivered to this location as well as other cafes serving their coffee. Most of their options are to go, so I ordered a cortado which I could get to stay. There were two other people in the shop standing by the bar, so it was a pretty quiet and relaxing place, but obviously not somewhere you could do work since there was nowhere to sit, only tall tables to stand at. The cortado was amazing, one of the best I’ve had in my life. It was barely bitter and had a great, smooth texture. They had a small selection of baked goods, but Gracenote is more about the coffee than anything else. The customers who came in and out of the shop knew the baristas and it was nice they had a little coffee community. Connected to the main bar, there is a large back room where they hold cupping events for the public.


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