Tostaduría Bisetti – Lima, Peru

Nestled in the beautiful bohemian neighborhood of Barranco, Tostaduria Bisetti is a café for people who really know coffee. The café is quite large consisting of different types of seating such as couches, tables, and bar space and a coffee lab in the back for roasting and coffee education. Jazz music plays throughout the cafe and the walls are decorated with vintage coffee photos and coffee paraphernalia creating a warm, mellow atmosphere. The café was pretty quiet on the Friday morning I went, but it seemed like a great location to do some work or meet up with friends. Upon walking in, the scent of delicious coffee made me confident that this place would provide a great coffee experience.

The baristas allow you to choose from an extensive list of brewing methods. I decided to try some Chemex brewed coffee and a latte. The Chemex coffee was tasty, although slightly bitter and was served in a wine glass for the preservation of flavor and proper oxygenation of the coffee. The latte was not strong enough for my liking, but was still very good especially in terms of texture, very slightly foamy on top and smooth going into the crema of the latte. Overall, Tostaduría Bisetti did not disappoint and provides the ideal cafe experience.


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