Steadfast Coffee – Nashville, TN

Steadfast is a pretty large coffee shop located in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. The aesthetics of the shop are wonderful with outdoor seating that has lights and a picturesque view. The inside of the coffee shop is bordered with booths with the center being the bar with the baristas at work. Steadfast has a different set up in terms of ordering drinks as well. Instead of ordering with the cashier, customers order with the barista and then proceed to pay with the cashier. I found this method to not only be efficient, but it also creates an emphasis on the coffee.

I found the baristas to be very friendly and welcoming. Steadfast offers specialty coffee drinks such as flavored lattes and coffee sodas along with espresso and milk varieties and Fetco brewed coffee. Along with coffee, Steadfast has an extensive food menu, baked goods, and beers on tap. I really enjoyed everything this shop had to offer along with the great atmosphere.

Steadfast is an espresso-lover’s delight. I found that the espresso drinks were pretty strong. I ordered a cortado and felt that the espresso flavor was very dominant as compared to the more subtle cortados I have had in the past.

Overall, I highly recommend this coffee shop for any occasion. Although it is not as well-known as other Nashville cafes, it is definitely on the rise to becoming one of the more popular coffee shops in the city.



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