Santo Grão- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Santo Grão has the best vibe and latte I have had so far in Brazil.  This restaurant/cafe not only has great coffee, but also has amazing fresh juices, and delicious food.  This location is build to be part sit-down restaurant and part cafe.  In the back is a coffee bar with couches and tables, while in the front are tables for eating meals. They also have a large roaster in the back.  Here you can buy their large variation of beans and coffee blends as well as espresso drinks.  They also had iced coffee drinks, which are very hard to find in Brazil.  I really liked the large selection of coffee they had and will be going back to try more.  After dinner, I decided to get a latte.  It was strong, but suave and was a great way to finish off my meal. According to some regulars, depending on the time of day you go, determines the vibe of the restaurant.  For example, late at night it feels more like a fancy restaurant but early afternoons at Santo Grão make it feel more like a cafe.

santo grao


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