Coffee Lab- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

When I first walked into Coffee Lab I was utterly impressed.  This shop has outdoor seating with tables surrounded by plants and lights as well as indoor seating.  The inside of this coffee shop really looks like a coffee lab. The most emphasized parts are the roaster and espresso machines.  Once I looked at the menu, I was slightly overwhelmed.  They had so many different roasts from different origins.  You have the ability to choose what thay call “rituals” as well.  Rituals are different coffee combinations you can order. For example, you could choose the same coffee blend brewed in two different ways or you could choose two different blends brewed the same way.  As much as I would have liked to order one of these rituals, I was scared to order it in Portuguese so I just went with a latte.  I will definitely have to go back there with some confidence to order a specific blend though! I also decided to order a coffee brigadeiro because I figured, where else in the world would you be able to order that?  The latte I ordered was strong yet creamy, the flavor was not harsh at all.  The coffee brigadeiro was sort of a let down because I thought it would have a stronger, bolder coffee flavor, but in reality it tasted like doce de leite.  After my experience in the calm, yet busy atmosphere of coffee lab, I am very excited to go back.

coffee lab  coffee lab 3 coffee lab 4


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