Barcelona Brews – True Artisan Café

Serving as Spain’s La Marzocco headquarters, True Artisan Cafe felt like a vintage espresso machine warehouse. Upon entering the coffee shop, which can be found down a tiny road in El Born, I was enchanted by all of the coffee decor and classic espresso machines scattered throughout the space. For a coffee shop with so many decorations, it was surprising how quiet and calming the café felt. There was not much seating, just a couple of small tables for two and one larger one, but we were able to grab seats as a party was leaving.  People in the shop quietly chatted as they sipped on their coffee slowly starting their morning. Really, everything about the atmosphere made me feel completely at ease.

In terms of the coffee, as you can imagine, there is an emphasis on espresso at this shop. They change the roaster they serve every month, allowing customers to try coffees from around the world. At this time, they were serving Allpress coffee of New Zealand and had a rep in shop promoting the coffee and discussing the brand. I decided to order a flat white. The espresso flavor was very strong and prominent, but still had a very pleasant taste. The milk was not as suave as I typically like, but overall it was still delicious and went perfectly with my incredibly tasty croissant.

Overall, this shop is the perfect getaway from the hecticness of the city and floods of tourists before heading out on a day of sightseeing or leisurely wandering.


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