Barcelona Brews – Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop

Nestled at the end of the long Passatge Sert, Nomad Coffee’s lab and small shop is simple and small, allowing the focus to be on the complexities of their coffee. The shop at this location is small and sleek, allowing more space for them to roast in the back. It takes a bit of looking around to notice their trophies and awards from various coffee competitions, humbly hung up in the corner of the shop. While the baristas were friendly, I could tell they took their work very seriously.

Since they had an impressive selection of espressos. I decided to order a cortado to drink at the bar. I was expecting great flavor, but after my first sip I was surprised to realize that this was probably the best cortado I have ever had. The espresso had a tartness to it and matched with the silky milk, I was attempted to savor every sip.

The next time I went to Nomad, I ordered the Ethiopia Burtukaana brewed on the v60, and took some more time to look around while they were making my order. I noticed that they cold brew was served in a flask-looking bottle, which I would have purchased if I did not have to fly home that day, but I was definitely intrigued. They also served nitro cold brew, which seemed like it would be very refreshing on the hot summer days, but I was still working my way through the warm drinks. Since my flight was leaving that day, I took the coffee to go. Despite the drink being served in a paper cup, the blackberry flavor of this coffee was dominant, and the fruity sensation of this coffee had me wishing I had purchased a bag of this coffee to bring home. The complexities of this coffee were incredible. What I usually find to be more subtle flavors in the fruity coffees I drink, were quite dominant but the coffee was not too juicy, it still tasted like coffee.

My experiences at Nomad led me to believe that this coffee shop/roaster had to be the best all-around coffee shop of the ones I tried in Barcelona. While the selection on their website is slim, they do ship to the U.S. Definitely worth trying!


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