Cafe Consulado – Asuncion, Paraguay

Cafe Consulado provides a haven for specialty coffee lovers in a city where the Third Wave coffee culture has yet to hit. Nestled right downtown, this coffee shop is peaceful yet quirky, playing loud indie rock and displaying pieces from a variety of artists on the walls. In addition, a large bookshelf filled with coffee-related books and literature on other miscellaneous topics serves as a barrier between the bar and tables, allowing customers to watch the baristas at work through the cracks.

Cafe Consulado offers a variety of espresso drinks, even flat whites; as well as coffee brewed on the Chemex and AeroPress; and cold brew. In terms of filter coffee, this coffee shop brewed coffee they roasted themselves from Guatemala or Kenya. In fact, they are planning to begin selling their beans within the next year. I decided to try the Kenyan on the Chemex and enjoyed every sip of the coffee which was meant to serve two. It was smooth and nutty, yet had a more complex flavors that were more subtle. I also tried the latte and a cappuccino. The espresso was pretty nutty and not too complex, but still tasty. The main critique I have is that the milk quality was not as thick or smooth as the milk used in the US or in the UK. I believe this is mainly due to the fact that the milk mainly consumed there is different and has a thinner consistency.

Overall, it was a joy heading to Cafe Consulado, going from the hectic city center to a comfy cafe with friendly baristas, delicious food, and great quality coffee.



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