Local Coffee – San Antonio, TX

On what seems to be a calm and quiet weekend morning in most parts of San Antonio, upon entering the city’s Pearl District there is a more hectic atmosphere where people are gathered to eat, shop, and drink. Located at the center of this neighborhood is Local Coffee, a mid-sized rustic coffee shop overflowing with people. While the shop is open and pretty large compared to other third wave cafes, it is not a place to study or read on weekends. In fact, the line becomes so long that people must awkwardly find a place to stand while defending their spot to get their coffee as soon as possible.

Despite the swarms of people, this coffee shop charms customers with a variety of coffee beans by Merit Coffee Roasters of San Antonio lining the walls and antique-looking tools at the bar. The baristas are also friendly, but know how to move the line along at a reasonable rate. Once I got to the bar, I decided to order a cappuccino and also had the opportunity to try their cold brew on tap. The cappuccino was served at an ideal temperature which highlighted the espresso’s fruity flavor, especially for a beverage that has more milk. As for the cold brew, I was pleasantly surprised since I usually find that cold brew is too concentrated for my liking, but that was not the case at Local Coffee. It was refreshing, especially on such a warm day, and had a nutty aftertaste which made it more complex than a simple iced coffee drink.

All in all, if you are looking for a peaceful work space, Local Coffee is not the spot for you. That said, this shop provides a more social coffee experience, allowing customers to interact with one another and to create a small coffee community.


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