Compass Coffee – Washington DC

Located in the Shaw neighborhood of DC, Compass Coffee is a go-to for an early morning caffeine fix or afternoon coffee break.  This friendly coffee shop is spacious with a few small tables and many long, high tables, providing enough seating for the large number of customers consistently in the shop.  Despite the fact that people there were working or meeting with friends, everyone seemed to be sharing a table with others they did not know, which displayed yet another way coffee can bring people together.

While the food selection at Compass was slim, the coffee selection was not. Along with a variety of espresso drinks and nitro cold brew on tap, they also had three coffees available for  pour over. Compass Coffee roasts their own beans in the back of the shop (at times it got pretty loud) and sell nine different whole bean blends to take home, while preparing and serving three or four of those in the shop on rotation.

I decided to try a small latte after contemplating what to order for a bit, and do not regret my decision. This latte had a very defined espresso flavor that was nutty, yet sweet which I loved because the milk did not weaken the flavor of the espresso.  In addition, when I returned a few days later, I tried the cold brew on tap, which I’m not usually a huge fan of but it was a very hot day. The first sip I took of the cold brew was not too pleasant, but once I let the coffee settle in the ice a bit longer I continued to drink it and found I was actually enjoying it! The cold brew was slightly nutty and perfectly cool on that warm day.

Overall, I could definitely see myself spending a lot of time at Compass Coffee if I lived in DC because of the spacious location and great coffee, making it a reliable hangout.


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