Otherlands – Memphis, TN

Located in Memphis, Otherlands is one of the most eclectic and funky coffee shops I have ever been to. This spacious hangout had indoor and outdoor seating. Each room inside Otherlands had colorful art on the walls which were conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. Most people at this shop were meeting with friends on the beautiful spring day, but this café is also a great spot to study or get some work done.

When I was looking at the coffee menu, the first thing I noticed was how cheap the coffee was compared to other coffee shops. Since it was pretty warm out and we were sitting on the outdoor porch, I decided to order their cold brew, interestingly enough they had iced coffee as an option as well.

While I loved the atmosphere of Otherlands, I was not a huge fan of the coffee. The cold brew was pretty strong and slightly bitter. The quality of the coffee at this shop did not seem great, which led me to better understand the cheap prices at this shop. Overall, if you are looking for a cool place to hang out with friends this is the spot, but if you are looking for an amazing cup of coffee or third wave café, you are better off going elsewhere.



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