Alchemy – London, UK

To go along with the Coffee of the Month for June, I thought I would talk about the spot where I purchased those coffee beans.  Alchemy was one of my favorite coffee shops in London. The shop was small (but not too small) and homey and the jazz music playing created a cool vibe. I really enjoyed chatting with the baristas too; they were the most friendly and humorous baristas I had encountered in London.

As for drinks, Alchemy had a pretty large selection of espresso and filter coffee since they roast their own beans.  I decided to order a flat white with their Guatemalan San Sebastián as my espresso (as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m really diggin’ those Guatemalan coffees this year).  When I took my first sip of the drink, I immediately knew this was the best flat white of the trip so far. The milk was suave and the espresso was strong, but sweet. I definitely did not regret making the walk across the Millennium Bridge from Tate Modern to try this café.

Alchemy is a relaxing place to wind down at the end of the day and people watch. I enjoyed sitting at the bar along the window and people watching with my friend as people walked in and out of the corner coffee shop.


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