Cold Brew Review- Larry’s Cold Brew

For my last cold brew I decided to try a concentrate just to change things up.  While it takes a little more effort to drink cold brew from concentrate, I liked the idea of doing something to prepare my coffee since I am so used to brewing every morning. The second I took the first sip of this cold brew I became a huge fan.  I was able to make it as strong or flavorful as I wanted.  That said, getting the ratios right can be tough especially when drinking over ice because the flavor can be compromised if the ice melts and waters down the drink.  With the concentrate, I definitely recommend playing around with different ratios until you find one you like (Larry’s Cold Brew  concentrate has enough for  about eight servings).  So, if you have time I recommend this concentrate; the best part is you can also use it to make other coffee beverages like coffee soda or coffee cocktails!


Thank you for following along with Cold Brew Review all week long. Please let me know in the comments or by email (below) if you have any coffee review requests or questions.



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