Cold Brew Review- Chameleon Cold Brew

This morning I tried Chameleon Cold Brew, a Fair Trade organic cold brew company based in Austin, Texas. Chameleon has a variety of flavored cold brew coffees as well as the original black cold brew. Personally, I prefer black cold brew because I am not a huge fan of sweet flavors, but I tried their Mexican coffee which had a slight almond and cinnamon flavor to it. Again, at first the sweetness of it surprised me, but once I kept drinking it I got used to the flavor. There was something about the taste of this drink from the beginning that led me to recognize that I was drinking high quality coffee. I could tell right away that the beans they used to make this coffee were freshly roasted. Chameleon cold brew is definitely a great choice and best of all, they cater to people with all kinds of taste preferences.


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