Workshop Coffee- London, UK

Located in a back corner of the Marylebone neighborhood in London, Workshop Coffee is a long and narrow coffee shop surrounded by a small shopping and dining area. This shop was crowded with people sitting on benches along the walls as well as a bench outside. I was intrigued by the effort people made to provide seating for the amount of customers who came into the shop that Saturday afternoon. What was most impressive to me was that Workshop had their own espresso machine, which from a distance could be confused for a La Marzocco due to it’s similar design.

In addition, Workshop roasts their own coffee in Benthal Green. They had two options on filter that day, but they sold many other types of their coffee beans to take home as well. I decided to go with a cappuccino since I did not see the option for a flat white on the menu. Fortunately, this cappuccino was not disappointing. The drink was very smooth and pleasant with the espresso having a nutty flavor. I recommend going to Workshop with some friends on a nice day and grabbing coffee before going on a walk or sitting outside for awhile.



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