Nine Bar Espresso- Somerville, MA

Nine Bar Espresso is the newest coffee shop in Davis Square opening just last summer. This quaint spot offers some outside seating and bar space inside; very ideal for a quick caffeine fix. This coffee shop offers extensive beverage options with a long list of espresso drinks, including flat whites, and nitro cold brew coffee. For such a tiny location, Nine Bar also seemed to have good quality baked goods and light sandwiches as well. They served Gracenote Coffee, which is roasted in the Boston area, but did not seem to offer coffee brewed in varying ways, such as pour over. After debating whether or not to order a flat white, I decided to just go with a latte and did not regret my decision. The taste of this latte differed greatly from any espresso beverage I have had before. The latte had an almost nutty aftertaste and was very suave with slight foam above the crema.

After enjoying my drink, I had a brief conversation with the barista, a very approachable and dedicated man. He explained that he was the manager at Simon’s Coffee Shop in Cambridge, another favorite of mine, and the co-owner of Nine Bar Espresso is also the owner of that shop. It was nice making this connection in the coffee community.



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