Cafe Martinez- Asunción, Paraguay

Cafe Martinez is the cafe in Asuncion most similar to a third wave coffee shop in the U.S. Cafe Martinez roasts coffee beans from all over the world and gives people the opportunity to choose where their coffee is from. I decided to go with Colombian coffee. This cup was the first cup of coffee I had in Asuncion that was truly delicious. It was bold with chocolatey and nutty taste notes. The only flaw this coffee had was that it was served extremely hot, which could have been disguising some of its flavor. Here I have pictured a small cafe con leche, but I made the mistake of ordering a large. Little did I know that the large came in a mug the size of my head, so that was an adventure. Overall, this is the best cup of coffee you will find in Asuncion, a city where the specialty coffee phenomenon has not hit yet.


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