Maria Castaña- Asunción, Paraguay

The Maria Castaña location I went to was one of the most pleasant, tiny cafés I have ever seen. There were tiny water fountains right outside and it was modeled after a french café.  The space was pretty open and small, but the fancy decor made it very appealing. I asked for a cafe con leche and she brought out a tiny platter with the coffee in a mug and the warm milk in a tiny pitcher. I was kind of horrified when I saw the amount of coffee in the mug; it was less than half full (I was not going to be able to endure the caffeine withdrawals much longer). As a person who usually drinks her coffee black, I asked for more coffee so the milk would not drown out the flavor. The barista was a little confused but gave me more. When I finally took a sip of the coffee it was slightly disappointing. It was very watered down and did not have much flavor. On the other hand, the baked goods at Maria Castaña are amazing. The alfajores de maizena are my favorite and are always a classic go to for “la merienda”.

Maria Castaña Maria Castaña 2 Maria Castaña 3


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