Terzetto- Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Terzetto was a simple, dainty cafe and bakery contrasting the hectic, urban area of Ipanema just a few blocks from the beach. They had indoor and outdoor seating with bright furniture contrasting the white walls and floors.  When I first walked into this space, I was unsure of it because there were very few people and it seemed like a dud. That being said, I still had some hope because it was in my “Guide to Brazilian Coffee”. I decided to order a latte since I was intrigued by their La Cimbali espresso machine. Once I took a sip of my latte, I was relieved because it was delicious. The milk had a smooth texture which also contributed to its well-balanced flavor. The espresso was not too strong, but was still pleasant for a nice morning beverage.

Terzetto Terzetto 2 Terzetto Cafe


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