Cafeina- Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Cafeina was a quaint cafe/bakery in Copacabana located between the beach and the hectic urban atmosphere of Rio.  Going in at first, the coffee shop seemed to resemble a french cafe with cases of baked goods, indoor and outdoor seating, and fancy decor. The popular coffee drink people seemed to enjoy there was a cappuccino. Not being a huge fan of foam, I don’t usually order cappuccinos, but decided to go for it. When the waitress brought the cappuccino to me I was a little surprised to see that the drink had chocolate in it, causing a slightly sweeter taste. “Pai”, meaning father was written in the foam because Father’s Day was coming up in Brazil. The cappuccino was pretty bold, but nothing outstanding unlike the food and atmosphere of the restaurant which were phenomenal. Although the coffee was not superb, it is still worth the visit for a nice, relaxing snack or light meal.

Cafeina          cafeina 2


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