Revelator Coffee Company- Nashville, TN

Nashville’s newest kid on the block is Revelator, a coffee shop which started in New Orleans, Louisiana, but has opened various new locations over the past year.  To celebrate its opening, Revelator was offering free coffee and baked goods to customers.  Everything on the menu and in the shop was FREE. I could not believe it, but maybe this marketing tactic will work. Lines were out the door both days. I am curious to see how business will do in a few weeks since Revelator does have some competition across the street from Fido a Nashville favorite for brunch, coffee, and cookies.

Revelator was a tiny spot with a minimalistic, yet modern vibe.  The baristas were all very friendly and made great recommendations.  I had the opportunity to try a small latte and an Ethiopian blend coffee. I first tried the coffee which I enjoyed very much.  I am usually not a huge fan of Ethiopian blends, but once I took a sip of this coffee I decided that I should officially change my mind.  Although I was a bit skeptical because this was a coffee they had on tap, there was no bitterness at all and it seemed as if it had been brewed right when I ordered it.  I then took a few sips of my friends latte.  The crema was not too strong like it can be in some lattes, but you could still taste that espresso flavor.  There was not much foam, which I am a fan of, making it have a smooth and creamy texture throughout.  All in all, I was very impressed by this coffee shop and look forward to returning, hopefully when crowds are less hectic.

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  1. I was just in Nashville this weekend and as I was on the way home I discovered those cute place on Instagram. Definitely visiting next time I visit!


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