Urbe Café Bar- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Urbe Café Bar is exactly the coffee place I was looking for in São Paulo.  It has a really cool vibe and delicious coffee.  When I first walked in I was overwhelmed by the number of people and the dim lights, but I really liked this spot.  It had quotes about coffee written in chalk on the black walls next to the extensive coffee menu.  Although I was tempted to order the Urbe cappuchino which had doce de leite and lime shavings on top, I decided to go more basic with a latte while my friend ordered black coffee.  Once I took a sip of the latte my eyes widened it was so good.  It was slightly sweet and full bodied.  Once my friend took a sip she said to me, “As a married woman I know what love is, and let me tell you this is love”.  That quote was pretty appropriate.  I wish I had more time in São Paulo so I could return to this café, but I guess I will just have to wait until the next time!

Urbe                 Urbe 4

Urbe 2                  Urbe 3


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