Original American Coffee Cake- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Normally when in a foreign country I wouldn’t go to a place with “American” included in the name, but this restaurant was recommended to me by a friend.  Really there was not anything very American about this place at all! The cakes were made with Brazilian fruits and the coffee was also Brazilian.  The location was cute and cozy and had antique decorations.  I ordered an espresso with milk and it was absolutely wonderful.  It had a strong flavor that was well balanced by the milk.  The foam at the top was very interesting because it was rather thick and stuck together making it sort of hard to drink the coffee, but I really enjoyed the texture it provided to my drink.  To go with my coffee, I also ordered multigrain pão de queijo.  This was the best pão de queijo I have had my entire trip because it was warm and had a nice seedy texture.  I also tried some cake and it melted in my mouth.  It was the perfect compliment to the coffee.  I am not really a huge fan of cake!

Original             Original Amer

Original American Original Americn Coffee Cake


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