Scada Café- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

If there were cafés in the cinemas in the U.S., I would probably be going to the movies more often.  I found Scada Café after doing some research about coffee shops in São Paulo.  I knew it was in the Shopping Bourbon, but after circling through the entire mall a few times I realized I was doing something wrong. I decided to ask for help and found out that this café is actually in the movie theater complex inside the mall. When I found this out I was a little skeptical about how good this place could be, but I figured after all the effort I should go.  Sure enough, the café was right near the entrance and it was a full out café. Once I read a the menu I had a better feeling about this place. Written in the coffee section it said (in Portuguese) not to add sugar to their coffee in order to experience the full flavor. I was going to see a movie and was in a rush so I decided to order a small latte.  Of course because I was in a rush the service was slow, but my latte did come with a little glass of seltzer water, which I always appreciate.  The latte was pretty strong and tasted more like a cortado, maybe because I ordered a small latte? Small lattes or coffees here in Brazil are very tiny. Anyways it was pretty good to my surprise! Unfortunately I did not have much time to enjoy the flavor and had to drink the entire thing in two sips, but Scada is definitely a nice place to go before/after a movie or to get some work done if you can do so in loud atmospheres.

Scada Cafe

Scada latte Scada


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