Casa Mathilde- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Casa Mathilde has to be one of the most hectic bakery/cafés I have ever been to. This place was so full of people, the second I walked in I started sweating.  Apparently, Casa Mathilde is a super popular and famous Portuguese bakery in São Paulo.  I only found out about it through another coffee fanatic I met in São Paulo (see Padoca do Mani).  I really only went in there for a cup of coffee, but after I saw the huge wall of baked goods I figured I would get something to eat as will.  To give you an idea of the size of this place, think about the size of your average coffee shop and multiply it by six.  The bakery has three floors, and still it was hard to find a spot to sit with all of the people there!  I ordered  cafe com leite, but did not think to specify the size I wanted.  I ended up getting a small which I was okay with at first.  Then I took the first sip and all I could think was “wow”. Really this had to have been the best cafe com leite I have had here.  The flavor was suave and rich with a slightly sweet aftertaste and was not too strong.  After that first sip, that’s when I was disappointed I got a small.  Along with the great coffee, there was a great view.  The bakery had tall buildings in which you could see the beautiful architecture of the buildings nearby, such as the Edificio Martinelli and the Bank of Brazil.  This bakery is a great place to meet up with friends and talk but is definitely too loud and to get any work done.

Casa Matilde Casa Matilde 2 Casa Mathilde 3


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